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Demings Doesn’t Think Inflation is the Most Important Issue Facing Americans

MIAMI, FLA. — Val Demings was recently asked what “the number one issue” is for her campaign. 

Demings’ response?

“Give me a little while to go around the fence here to answer your question, because what we’re seeing with inflation, what we’re seeing with the price of goods and services, gas at the pumps—of course, people are feeling that every day. But let’s kind of tuck this away over here.”

Demings also said that the Inflation Reduction Act, “will help tremendously with some of those issues,” even though studies have proven it will not do anything to address the pain Americans’ are feeling now. 

Last night on Hannity, Rubio responded, saying that the fact inflation is “not her top priority…tells you how disconnected she is from everyday people. But more importantly it tells you how radical the Democratic Party has become on some of these ideas. She is a radical rubber-stamp.”

To watch Demings’ comments, click below or HERE

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