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NEW VIDEO: Demings Asks Floridians Not to Believe Their Own Eyes on Biden’s Border Crisis

MIAMI, FLA. — The Rubio for Senate campaign released the following video today after Val Demings ridiculously claimed, “we do not have an open border.”

“The border is wide open, and yet Val Demings has not only refused to secure it, she’s also blocked efforts to do so on her path to please Nancy Pelosi and Washington Democrats. Demings is asking Floridians not to believe their own eyes, but they won’t be fooled,” said Elizabeth Gregory, communications director for Marco Rubio for Senate. 

Click below or HERE to watch. 


Val Demings has a history of voting for open borders and against keeping Americans safe from drug trafficking, human trafficking, and gang violence.  

Demings voted for:

Demings opposes:

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