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Demings Again Approves of Biden’s Concessions to Maduro Narco-Regime

MIAMI, FLA. — Val Demings recently endorsed the Biden Administration’s prisoner swap with the illegitimate Maduro narco-regime, proving to Venezuelan-Americans in Florida that she’ll always prioritize appeasing her party’s radical base over upholding the rule of law.

From failing to condemn Biden’s decision to send U.S. officials to Miraflores, to staying quiet while far-left Democrats demanded sanction removal from the Maduro narco-regime, Demings’ blind support for Biden’s foreign policy makes her complicit in his wave of concessions to this brutal tyrant. 

“The Biden administration’s release of Maduro’s narco-nephews and Val Demings’ support of the move will be remembered as the ultimate gift this administration has given the criminal Maduro regime. Demings has turned her back on Venezuela’s Interim Government and shown Floridians she unequivocally defends Biden’s disastrous policy of appeasing tyrants in our region,” said Laura Ortiz, Hispanic Media Director for Marco Rubio for Senate.

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